June 6, 2009
By Pam Gardner

Thanks to The Cobra's recent victory, a 4th round KO over Barbados resident Marcus Thomas in Halifax May 30th, 2009, Ian is now listed 5th in Canada according to

A special thank you to all of the Cobras fans that came out to watch and also to those who sent along their best wishes and congratulations. 

May 13, 2009

Poster courtesy of Palookas Boxing Club

August 12, 2008


Wednesday Night Fights: Season That Set The Standard

By Jake Donovan
So picture this: you’re an undefeated contender, one fight away from challenging for a title of some sort. Your promoter taps you on the shoulder and says, “Hey, I got you a stay-busy fight on ESPN2 while we’re waiting around for our shot.”
You don’t think anything of it, given the way the market is structured today. Go from club shows to five-figure paydays on ESPN2 and Telefutura, build up your record, score a title then get your chips on HBO and Showtime.
Only, someone forgot to tell you the rules changed this year.
It was a year where undefeated prospects, notable contenders and former world champions could no longer rely on the Deuce for a quick win. The trend began with Andy Lee’s shocking stoppage loss to Brian Vera on Friday Night Fights in March, but quickly carried over to the Wednesday Night Fight series in perhaps its best season yet.
All good things come to an end. The Wednesday Night Fights series has been more than a good thing this year; it helped re-establish the standard for the way boxing ought to be.
On paper, the season doesn’t exactly end with a bang, as Joel Julio takes on Jose Varela in the main event at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida (Wednesday, 9PM ET/PT).
Then again, the hard-hitting Colombian perfectly fits the mold; a rebuilding contender looking to bide time as his handlers hope to put him in position for a junior middleweight title shot.
Even truer to the current trend is the evening’s co-feature. “Mean” Joe Greene, who appeared on the WNF series in late April, tempts fate as he’s matched up against Jose Miguel Torres, the younger brother of former junior welterweight titlist Ricardo Torres.
Greene survived his own Wednesday Night Fights scare a year ago, hitting the deck seconds into his August ’07 scrap with Daryl Salmon, only to immediately recover and ice him in the very same round.
Some of this season’s entrants could’ve only hoped to be so lucky – or at least durable.
An upset nearly occurred in the season premiere, when talented unbeaten flyweight contender Rayonta Whitfield barely escaped with a disputed majority decision over Manuel Vargas in Whitfield’s hometown of Augusta, Georgia. Vargas was aggressive throughout, taking the fight to and outlanding Whitfield over the course of their 12-rounder. But in the end, it was the Stingray’s skill set that most impressed the judges, leaving the arena with his undefeated record still intact.
The rest of the month was played out with kiddy gloves for the most part. Julio and Greene appeared on separate telecasts; Greene scored a ninth round knockout over Joshua Okine, while Julio was considered lucky to leave Canada with a win in his month-ending headliner against Ishe Smith. It was otherwise business as usual, with the likes of Chazz Witherspoon, Peter Quillin, Alberto Onolunose and Juan Urango all racking up expected wins.
Then came May, or mayday, as so many were signaling during the spring and summer stretch.
Unbeaten super bantamweight contender Mike Oliver was next in line for a crack at Steve Molitor’s alphabet title when he agreed to a tune-up against Reynaldo Lopez. The thinking was that it was wiser to stay busy than grow stale while waiting for Molitor to clear up his schedule and settle promotional issues before granting the Connecticut southpaw his due shot.
What better way to stay busy than against a made-to-order opponent in front of a nationally televised audience, right?
Oliver literally led every second of the bout except for the one where Lopez was able to unload a left hook. One shot was enough to send Oliver to the floor. One punch was enough to end his night, snatch his “0” and trample all over his title aspirations.
Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it. Like Sechew Powell, who managed to rebuild from a 2006 points loss to Kassim Ouma and put himself in position for an eventual title shot against Verno Phillips.
It was decided that more than 2 ½ minutes of live ring action in 2008 was needed to better prepare for a fight against such a crafty veteran. A stay-busy fight was deemed necessary, but what he and his team really needed was a better matchmaker.
Deandre Latimore was one of the more promising amateurs during his day prior to turning pro in early 2006. His handlers were a little too ambitious in his career advancement, throwing him in with veteran Ian Gardner in just his 12th pro fight.
The knockout loss suffered in that fight instantly changed the boxing world’s perception of  Latimore from promising prospect to midwestern cannon fodder.
His June ESPN2 date helped once again right the ship – and rock Sechew’s world.
There was plenty of ebb and flow in the fight, which was dead even on the cards after six. Latimore was the aggressor early in the fight, forcing Powell to run through his entire playbook in search of answers. He ran out of options in round seven; Latimore unloaded, landing a fusillade of punches and snapping back the head of Powell, who was on his feet but unresponsive as the bout was waved off.
Gone were the hopes of a title shot before year’s end for Powell. In its place, one of the year’s bigger upsets and renewed hope for a fighter previously dismissed as a never-will-be.
It was a lesson apparently lost on oh so many others in the span of just a few short months, June being the most brutal of them all. Powell’s loss came on the heels of James Moore watching his “0” go out the window a week prior, dropping an eight round decision to unheralded Gabriel Rosado in Brooklyn.
A mid-June headliner saw Roger Gonzalez become the second highly touted prospect in as many fights to fall considerably short against the resurging Cornelius Lock. The following four broadcasts featured three previously unbeaten fighters not leave that way. Tommy Karpency and Alexis Camacho were exposed on the novice level, while David Torres found himself in way over his head against former lightweight titlist Julio Diaz.
But don’t let Diaz’ success fool you: former champs weren’t safe in mid-week appearances. A single May telecast saw the end of two careers, as Stevie Johnston and Freddie Norwood found themselves on the wrong side of embarrassingly one-sided knockout losses.
Jose Luis Castillo at least crossed the finish line, but looked like a fish out of water in his forced welterweight bout with resurging contender Sebastian Lujan. Emphasis on forced, as it was believed by Castillo’s handlers that the Mexican merely needed to move up to a division in which he could easily make weight in order to shake the notion that he’s not shot.
They were wrong, and now Castillo is done.
So too, will be one of the more memorable mid-week boxing seasons on ESPN2 following tonight’s broadcast. No worries, though; there’s always Friday nights to look forward to for the next month or so.
Unless of course, you’re an undefeated fighter or top contender looking to remain that way.
Jake Donovan is a voting member of the Boxing Writers Association of America. Comments/questions can be submitted to .

April 5, 2008

Ian lost his fight to Gennady Golovkin at the Burg-Waechter Castello, Dusseldorf, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
Unanimous Decicision after 8 rounds
Judges Scores: Arno Pokrandt 73-78 |  Manfred Kuechler 74-77 | Arnold Golger 73-78
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Sturm-Pittman Presser!
WBA middleweight championship clash Saturday

March 31, 2008

WBA middleweight champion Felix Sturm (28-2-1, 12 KOs) returns on Saturday to face unbeaten Jamie Pittman (16-0, 7 KOs) in the "Universum Champions Night" headliner at the Burg-Wächter Castello in Dusseldorf. It will be Sturm's first fight since retaining his title via a draw against mandatory challenger Randy Griffin in October. Sturm, Pittman and the other featured fighters spoke at today's prefight press conference.
Felix Sturm: "I've had three months preparation and feel excellent. With Pittman, I have a top opponent before me who is also very big and a southpaw. In any case, as always, I am prepared to go twelve rounds. The people who have a ticket for this nearly sold out promotion will see a great performance from me. We've incorporated something new in the preparation and my motivation couldn't be greater. I'm fighting for my team and my large family. Becoming a world champion is easier than always having to defend it against hungry challengers."
Trainer Michael Timm: "As always, it was nice to work with Felix. He is always improving and gets the most out of his body. He is fully focused and will fight professionally. We've battened down the hatches and have not had any distractions."
Jamie Pittman: "I've already been in Germany four times at amateur tournaments. I have great respect for Felix as a world champion, but I am hungrier than Felix. My passion is boxing and with fitness, a lot of heart and hunger, I will dethrone Felix. My nickname 'Mr. Business' comes from my very professional attitude which I bring to my business of boxing."
In a second world title fight, WIBF junior flyweight female champion Julia "Sunshine" Sahin (19-0, 2 KOs) defends against Yahaira Martinez (7-1, 4 KOs). Sahin, who was given a leave of absence from her job with the Cologne Rapid Transit, will be returning after recovering from operations on both knees.
Julia Sahin: "I'm looking forward to Dusseldorf, particularly because of the good memories of my fights that I had here. My fitness is complete again. Among other things, I had two good sparring partners and a very realistic fight preparation."
Trainer Michael Timm: "Julia is a great fighter. She survived two operations with a lot of fighting spirit.
Yahaira Martinez: "I haven't had a big preparation as I have been boxing my whole life. I will take the title and send Julia Sahin into a well-deserved retirement. Then she can return full time to her employer."
Also, #1 rated super middleweight Jürgen Brähmer (30-1, 24 KOs) will face Frenchman Karim Bennama (17-9-2, 4 KOs).
Jürgen Brähmer: "I'm having a fight at light heavyweight to see how I feel there. So this time I don't need to concentrate on making the weight."
In other action, German super welter titleholder Maurice Weber (10-0, 3 KOs) faces Daniel Käfer (8-3-2, 4 KOs) in a rematch. Weber previously won a decision over Käfer.
Also scheduled are unbeaten middleweight Gennady Golovkin (10-0, 9 KOs) against Ian Gardner (20-3, 8 KOs), unbeaten heavyweight Vladimir Tereshkin (8-0, 5 KOs) has his toughest opponent in Adnan Serin (19-8, 7 KOs), cruiserweight Patrick Dobroschi (4-0, 1 KO) goes against Marian Marias (3-4, 1 KO), local heavyweight Markus Tomala makes his pro debut against Marek Zelo (2-17-4, 1 KO) and the comeback of Manuel Charr (7-0, 4 KOs) begins against Aleksandrs Selezens (1-2). Charr is now being trained by Fritz Sdunek.
Except for a few single tickets, the event is sold out.

Gardner back with a bang
Friday January 26, 2007

Ian Gardner returned to the ring after a 14 month layoff last night in St. Charles, Missouri looking to pick up his 20th victory at the expense of Deandre Latimore, an undefeated St. Louis fighter who was looking to add a big name to his resume. The contest, scheduled for 8 rounds, ended in round 3 with the Canadian taking the KO victory. Gardner, 20-3 with 8 Knockout victories, scored his first knockout victory in his last 10 bouts, however one look at his ledger shows that the Maritimer born boxer has been in with some impressive names (Chad Dawson, Arthur Abraham, Tokunbo Olajide, and Kuvanych Toygonbayev). Latimore suffers his first defeat against his 11 previous wins. Against Gardner, Latimore was taking a HUGE step up in competition and looking at the result, may have to collect a little more seasoning before tackling someone of Gardner's talents again.



by Pam Gardner
Friday January 26, 2007

Another exciting night for The Cobra.  Ian executed his plan exactly the way he wanted, surprising many from St. Louis but no suprise to those who know what Ian Gardner is capable of doing.  Ian used some stiff jabs in the first round to test his opponents abilities, landing some straight lefts to the head of The Bull.   In the second round, nice left hooks to the chin sent The Bull to the canvas, not something that Deandre Latimore expected at all, his fans expecting it even less.  That was the turning point of the fight.  Ian followed up by shooting a barrage of punches some to the head and body that ended the fight in the third round.


Bull vs. octopus

Thursday, January 18, 2007 9:23 AM CST

Can Latimore beat a lanky Canuck on Jan. 25?

By Glenn McBrady

For the St. Louis American

When Rumble Time Promotions stages it’s “Superbrawl” boxing event next Thursday evening at the Ameristar Casino, it will be a night of firsts for the local undefeated prospect Deandre “The Bull” Latimore. Not only will he be headlining the show in his first main event, but he’ll also be taking a step up in class against an opponent with a lengthy amateur resume and a professional record of 19-3.

Ian Gardner will be making the trip from New York to face the power-punching Latimore, and on paper the bout is one of the most intriguing matchups area boxing fans have seen in quite a while.

Gardner was born in St. John, New Brunswick and began boxing at the age of 11. Over the course of his amateur campaign he compiled a record of 98-8 and won a bronze medal at the Canada Games, but his greatest early accomplishment may have been surviving in a family that included 10 sisters and four brothers.

He turned pro in April of 2001 and has fought several times on Showtime against opponents with names that seasoned fight fans will recognize such as Chad Dawson, Tokunbo Olajide and Kuvanych Toygonbayev.

At 5’11”, he is a lanky southpaw who has been described as a busy boxer with good speed and athletic ability, but not much natural pop and his low knockout percentage (of 33 percent) backs that up. Instead he relies on a busy work rate to wear his opponents down. It will be interesting to see if Gardner can use his wheels and his reflexes to stay away from “The Bull’s” power punches and avoid a quick finish.

In breaking down tape of Gardner’s fight against Toygonbayev in September of 2004, the taller Gardner was like an octopus, tying up his shorter opponent every time the action moved inside. Another thing that I noticed was that there were moments when he threw left crosses from out of range and overextended himself badly.

Even though Gardner has fought some familiar names in nationally televised bouts, he has been idle since an 11th round TKO loss over a year ago to Chad Dawson. For that contest, Gardner moved up from junior middleweight to super middleweight, and when I reached him on the phone this week he told me “that was a bad decision on my behalf.”

He was very polite and laid-back during the course of our conversation, and his Canadian accent surfaced occasionally as he described how well his training camp and sparring sessions have been going at the legendary Gleason’s Gym in Brooklyn.

When I asked him if he knew anything about his next opponent, he said, “No, I don’t know if he’s left-handed, right-handed, black, white, Chinese. I have no idea.”

It was evident that he is looking forward to ending his layoff next Thursday night. He told me, “I’ve been training really hard and I’m completely focused. Tell the fans to bring their families and friends, because it’s definitely going to be a show that they aren’t going to want to miss. It’s a new year for me and I want to show the fans what I’ve been working on.”

Will Gardner be able to shake off the ring rust and get in rounds against Latimore’s smothering offense? If so, will Latimore have the patience to drown his experienced foe in the deep waters of the later rounds? Or will Gardner’s reach advantage and ring savvy keep him out of harm’s way?

The one thing that is certain is that the loyal fans who have followed local pro action and have watched “The Bull” rack up knockouts in 10 of his first 11 victories will get the chance to see him face a stern test in his first starring role at the Ameristar.

Rumble Time Promotions and Mobil on the Run will hold the “Superbrawl 2007” at the Ameristar Casino on Thursday, January 25 at 7 pm. In addition to the main event, local boxers including Chris Sharp, Tim Connors, Robbie Cannon, Mike Wood, Shawn Hammack, and Kevin Engle will also be in action. Tickets are available by calling (314) 495-0820, (314) 757-6451 or (314) 969-6099.


The Cobra returns
By Dave Baggs, FightNews Canada

Ian Gardner, fresh off 13 month layoff, will resume his boxing career starting January 25th in St. Charles, Missouri when the "The Cobra" takes on undefeated Deandre Latimore in an 8 round Light Middleweight contest. Gardner, 19-3 with 7 KO's, last saw ring action back in November 2005, putting forth a spirited challenge against world ranked prospect Chad Dawson before being stopped in the 11th round. The lanky southpaw has a boxing style that proves effective for him and uncomfortable for opponents. The Canadian, a pro since 2001, holds impressive victories over Tokunbo Olajide (W12) and Kuvanych Toygonbayev (W10) while collecting a few minor titles (NABO, NABC, and WBC Mundo Hispano) along the way. He's also gone 12 competitive rounds with current IBF Middleweight champion Arthur Abraham (before Abraham won the title), losing a close unanimous decision despite being dropped 3 times over the course on the contest.

Latimore, a product of St. Louis, Missouri, is currently 11-0 as a professional, scoring 10 knockout victories. While impressive does his ledger look, the young 21 year old has not beaten a fighter with a winning record so far. In sharing the ring with like Gardner, Latimore looks to be taking a monumental step up in competition.

Friday January 5, 2007

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